Collecting Conversations

Ordinary people sharing everyday thoughts


Welcome and come on in. Collecting Conversations is a project I began a few years ago. After my Mum died we cleared out the family home and found 30 years worth of her diaries. Their content; simple, often funny, one liners. Her pathos grounded in everyday life. They ignited something in me; a desire to ask other women how they 'do life'. Over the next 5 years I gathered a treasure chest of insight and wise words from 100 ordinary women and decided to share what I heard in the hope of encouraging connections through the art of everyday conversations.

Last year I self published my first book Collecting Conversations. Amazingly I sold out and reprinted. Writing a book and selling one when you’ve done neither before is a daunting task. I’ve blogged My Self Publishing Journey so I’d remember what I have achieved when I really didn’t think I’d ever get there. I also blog extracts from my interviews too.

Whilst working on the sequel: Collecting Conversation: Men Talk, I’ve had the pleasure of enduring the menopause. In retaliation I’ve had a slight detour and produced Menopause - A Hot Topic.

Collecting Conversations has been featured in Good Housekeeping, in National and local press. I’ve been interviewed on BBC Radio London with Jo Good. And if you want to see me right out of my comfort zone, this is my TedX talk.