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It’s a ‘perk’ of the job

Buying for her mum

Buying for her mum

There’s much to tell you this month - 

I’ve been book signing at WH Smiths at Westfield. Unsurprisingly I found this most challenging - I HATE shopping centres and crowds. I think the 5 minute walk from the train station to the shop itself was my 10,000 steps done for the day. Ducking and diving through the masses who were weighted down with life’s necessities. Weaving through countless walkways, artificial lighting and food stalls, it’s my idea of misery. Eventually I arrived feeling as though I’d done a days work. 

I spent a few hours with fellow self published author and photographer Andrew Wilson . He’s an old hand at this book signing thing. He’s published over 20 book and showed me the ropes. ‘Engage, start a conversation’ he says, that shouldn't be a problem - it wasn’t. In fact it was a lovely afternoon meeting all sorts of lovely folk and of course selling books. 

I’m just out of shot lol!

I’m just out of shot lol!

Back in April I joined a choir. Did I tell you? The method in my madness was to learn a whole song all the way through. I am renowned for singing one line only - any song, just the one line though and apparently it’s annoying! So in the interest of those who have to listen to my dulcet tones I decided to hone my skills. 

Having never been in a choir before I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don't read music or know anything about chords. Wednesday night is rehearsal night and right from the start we are told there will be concerts; in public places, for people to come and watch! And so it came to pass - last week Clapham Common Bandstand. Over 100 of us singing Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Tracy Chapham, Mumford & Son - the list goes on. Fun, energising and community minded - I like it. 


I went to visit Word on the Water. An amazing unique book shop on a barge at Kings Cross. I came across it by chance last year and hoped they’d stock my book. On Friday they did, and I am chuffed to bits. It’s a place with so much character and quirkiness but I’ll never make any money from sales at this bookshop. When my curiosity meets quirky I tend to get a little over excited. I bought three new books. It’s a ‘perk’ of the job!  

The men’s interviews are in flowing nicely. Thirty down seventy to go. I am LOVING IT. I’m genuinely astounded that I don't get bored. You think I would asking the same questions over and over but I genuinely don't. As you know my typing ability slows everything down so that’s why there aren’t many on the blog. I keep getting asked - ‘when’s book 2 out?’. It’s a slow release. End of next year at the earliest.


And Finally my little library is the talk of our street. It’s a complete joy. I love it. Constantly being refilled, books borrowed and returned. People leaving notes of thanks and bags of books to keep restocking. I urge you to get one. It’s no effort at all. It runs itself. 

Next week you’ll meet Aamir a man with curiosity and an insatiable knowledge to keep learning.