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Truth be known

I am petrified and it's freaking me out - next week I will be standing on a stage talking to people and the idea is making me sick. 

I am in a quandary - aren't we "supposed" to come out of our comfort zones? Isn't it "supposed" to be good for us? To be honest right at this moment - I am not sure. 

People have been telling me - you'll be fine. I might look like I'm fine but inside I am sick with too much adrenalin whooshing around my body. I am not going to lie - I think this might be a step too far. But I have said yes so I will do it - but will think twice about doing it again! 

So the last few weeks have been mainly consumed with me trying to write and learn a speech - which hasn't worked out too well. There was a rehearsal at "Speakers Corner" in Hyde Park (didn't see that coming) last week - I couldn't remember anything and kept stop and starting.  I came home and re wrote the whole thing and colour coded it in an attempt to remember it.

Morning ritual - my dressing table dressed with my speech -

Morning ritual - my dressing table dressed with my speech -

Apart from the speech taking over my life, an update on my book: I have now sold 640 copies of my book, a literally agent has been generating interest at some publishing houses, I've had a lovely review on and have seen the proof of my article in Good Housekeeping - an amazing 3 pages. It comes out next month - the August edition.  

I have also got cracking on the men - 9 in total so far. I will start adding them to my blog over the coming weeks. I've missed not doing the listening part of my work recently - I love it - it's the best bit. It's like being in a classroom without the rules or exams and it's never dull.