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It's all about Men

Focusing on more than one thing at once is something I find tricky and it's for that reason I haven't got stuck into part 2 - the men. Hopefully that will change this week by adding a little structure and focus to my day. Personal goal - to improve my multi-tasking skills.   

I was thinking should I ask the men the same questions I asked the women? I asked friends on Facebook what they would ask men given the chance - these were some suggestions:

What's your relationship like with your mum? When was the last time you cried and why?  What tactics have you found useful for confronting other men's bigotry/prejudice/sexism? If married - what was the worst moment in your marriage, and how did you get past it? What do you think of the Me Too movement? What is your biggest fear? Does the burden of responsibility weigh you down? and a couple for amusement - Can you make a bed or is it just laziness? Why do you get the plate to the dishwasher and not put it in? 

There are many questions I'd like to ask but I think I'll add a few of these to my list. The age groups will change slightly too - I have been asked if I would interview some younger men - 20 upwards. 

I've put feelers out but if you know any men who would like to share their inner workings please do get in touch. 

Let's see what happens - Bring on the men!