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“I thought I’d be a banker not a housewife in Clapham”

Vanessa 54 married 2 grown up children, lives in London but originally from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) 

What’s your most memorable experience? 

I grew up in Rhodesia and when I was16 I was shipped to boarding school in England. It was horrendous, I comfort ate, then became anorexic. They had me on a watch!

What’s your view of marriage?

“Will you be my wife and mother of my children, but something has to give?” were the words uttered by my now husband of 24 years. I was a bond dealer in 80s London and although my biological clock was ticking I was in no rush to get married. I’d been out with so many men and it had never been right. He is my soulmate, we met very serendipitously and it was just meant to be. So I went from reading the FT to joining the NCT. My life had changed enormously and I was stuck at home with the newspapers and no one.


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