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What brings me wisdom is knowing I’m wrong.

Michelle 42, from Liverpool, twice divorced, 2 kids, works in finance.

How are you?

I am happy, in a reflective place, the penny is starting to drop on many things. I feel I’ve got space, pleasure and I am happy. In the past I had lots of fears and anxieties about the future, but now the future is here, I’ve survived and it wasn't traumatic. 

What’s your most memorable experience?

Having my first child, I was unbelievably excited, it was like every Christmas I’d ever had all rolled into one, then the fun began, 48 hours after my waters broke and 72 hours of fruitless labour I definitely thought I was going to die. An emergency C section followed. I felt like a nasty black banana skin, but there was a sensation that my work as a women was done, a perfect ripe banana had emerged and I was the ravaged skin only fit for the bin… it wasn't the chapter I was expecting. Later, I just remember being in the middle of the hospital corridor with milk and tears pouring out of me! 

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