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I’m bored and unhappy.

Sunita 49 from Canada. Stay at home mum. Married and feeling trapped. 


How are you? 

I’m bored and unhappy. I’m not where I expected to be. I’m trapped! My confidence has been knocked by staying at home. I’m tired of being a middle class mum. I’m in a state of constant dissatisfaction and it’s not me. My energy is being leeched out of me. 

How do you see yourself?

Loud and opinionated. I never quite fit in. I’m down on myself right now. I need clear space. Noise is clutter to my head. I used to be more vibrant, energetic and spontaneous. I used to take risks but now I’ve become a little too middle class. I feel constricted and hemmed in, stuck in a cube. I need financial independence and open spaces. I'm a control freak.


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