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don’t waste time on trying to change people

Charlotte 44, lives with her long-term partner and has two children. She works in sales.

How are you?

I am very happy and excited. I am in a good place.

What’s your most memorable experience?

Having the experience of giving birth to both my babies. The gift of being given them and the fact that you forget all about it immediately afterwards.

How do other people see you?

Confident and energetic. A bit full of herself. A bit like Marmite, you love me or hate me. There’s no middle ground with me. I don’t like having acquaintances - you’re either my friend or you're not. I don’t like small talk. I like quality friendships. 

Where does all your energy go?

More and more into the things I believe in. If I can make someone's life better than it's my duty to do so. I am very passionate about young people. 

What are your dreams?

Anything that gives me a challenge. I genuinely believe I am a lucky person. You can sit around and moan and winge but you make your choices. We all only have a small amount of time - life is to be embraced.

What brings you down?

My family but not in a bad way. I’m too tenacious, I find it hard to let go of things. You have to move on, don’t waste time on trying to change people.

How do you see yourself?

I’m a positive person. I’m driven, harsh and a big softie. I can be very judgemental. I like that I have had a relationship with my partner for the last 25 years. 

How do you best express yourself?

Though my actions. There's a weakness in me, I am reluctant to open up. I find it awkward to talk about things. My actions speak louder than words. 

Who or what inspires you?

Children. They are a pleasure, I enjoy watching them grow. My family, I want them to have the happiness that I have had. 

What do you think about life?

Make the most of your time on earth, don’t over complicate it, don’t over think it. If you've got a dream then try to achieve it. You can try and fail but at least you tried but if you don’t you’ll regret it and that’s a shame. Life is fantastic - make the most of it. 

What would you like to leave for the next generation?

Self-belief. For kids to be taught they can achieve anything and that they should embrace life. People don’t believe in themselves and that’s sad. We need to embrace more warmth and inner generosity like you see in India, Westerners are a selfish race. 

Are you free?

Yes, I am at peace with myself. What you see is what you get. I’m not suppressing life.