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Happy New Year - I hope 2019 brings you clarity, humour and time for reflection

Reflecting times

Reflecting times

For those of you who have read my book you’ll know that getting back into the swing of routine is my nemesis. I’m either in routine or out of it but that in between bit isn’t where I like to be. 

Yesterday I found a few hours for some head space - time to contemplate, reflect over the last few weeks and gather my thoughts on the year ahead. 

I’ve created a clear space and have absolutely no idea what will fill it but feel enthusiastic. After all my dramas of self doubt and challenges last year I’m looking forward to whatever comes my way because I now know I can do it, uncomfortable as it may be at times - I will be fine. 

I’ve just written up an interview with one of the men. I’m loving these interviews; honest, open and interesting. There’s a lot we can learn - women want to know about men.

The amount of requests I’ve had, “Please will you speak with my husband - I’d love to know what he thinks” says a lot. How well do we know anyone? We are a culture of judgements; building stories in our heads and assuming the grass is greener. Her life is better than mine. Am I doing this right? or I cant, I shouldn’t, I wouldn’t. Over my 8 years of interviewing people I’ve learned that listening is key. Sometimes resolutions aren't necessary. To be truly heard is all that matters. I remember reading the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ a few years ago, implying that men try to ‘fix’ things whereas women just want to be heard. I think we all want to be heard and very few things need fixing irrelevant of gender. As Michelle Obama recently said ‘we all have a story that needs telling - we just need people to listen’. 

1,000 books waiting clearance

1,000 books waiting clearance

So this year I’ll continue to listen because that’s I enjoy it and will continue to sell my book which I am sure will come with new adventures along the way.

On that note I’m off to chat with more men and make some space to store my next print run that is in Felixstow waiting customs clearance. 

Wishing you all the best

Sam x