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Hello - it's been a while

Daily trip to the post office - with my orders

Daily trip to the post office - with my orders

Autumn is my Spring - for me there is nothing better than a crisp, fresh nip in the air;  a low sun, blue sky and the smell that Autumn is on its way. The summer was hot and my hormonal complaints didn't cease so I am thankful for the cooler air - I feel inspired. 

Over the summer my Good housekeeping article lead to the Daily Express running a feature and sales soared. The Women's institute jumped on board, interviewed me and next week are hiring a space to do a PHOTO SHOOT! Talks are being booked around the country and Waterstones are taking orders. That second print run really is on the horizon - I've only 160 copies left!

It's been amazing - the whole project from start to now. Scary, frustrating, naive to say the least but really really fulfilling in that it's done what I hoped it would do - started conversations and encouraged stepping outside our all too comfortable comfort zones. 

Collecting Conversations is a good thing. I love it. Listening to folk and sharing what I've heard. A few people have said 'The Men' wont be as open, it wont be the same. I beg to differ - you wouldn't believe the amount of men ready and willing to chat to me. In a funny kind of way I think they will have more to say - they're not used to talking in the same way women do. It's an opportunity for them to be heard and believe you me - so far - they're talking.