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2018 - a mixed year!

As the end of the year draws in, I am pleased to say my book has almost sold out. 1,000 copies down to 17 - not bad at all for a newbie, novoice, startup, beginner. It’s been brilliant and awful in equal measures.

The Womens Institue Life Magazine did a three page feature and the orders once again came rolling in. A beautiful new blog called BeMoreAudrey ran a story

Waterstones put me on the stand by the front door - every authors dream and my local book shop sat me along side Michelle Obama in the front window - you cant get better than that!

I was asked to speak at a charity night (still cringable) I had a stall at a Chrsitmas market and I’ve been squeezing in a few interviews with the men too and loving it!

An exciting thing happened for one of the women in my book this week. Joyce was asked if she’d appear on a tv documentary talking about her time in the air raid shelters during the war. So off we went deep underground at Clapham Common to jog a few memories. As you can imagine she was delighted and I went along to chaperone. First time on the telly at 96! By the way if you’re interested in having a tour to see what’s going on now in those disuded shelters, check this out Growing Underground - it’s amazing!

Two weeks ago I rewarded myself with an air B&B for one. I think my husband thought I was mad. I nipped off to the Lake district for 5 days of downtime, reflection and processing all that this year has brought. 

Taking stock and reflecting is good for the soul. I know I am a simple person, I like simple pleasures; nature, good conversations and fresh air. So deciding to make one of those things into a book may or may not have been my wisest decision.

The last 12 months have been succesful yet stressful, anxious making, worrisome and hardwork. All adjectives I would have never described myself as before this year. I’ve not enjoyed the speed of life, nor my heightened awareness of not being able to do more than one thing at once without getting very confused! I started to wondered why I was putting myself under all this stress when I wasn’t really enjoying it. Dont get me wrong I LOVE the interviews but I’ve come to the conclusion that I dont like being centre of attention - so why continue?

It’s all to do with that dastardly comfort zone thing I’ve been banging on about all year. My conclusion is if you want to be the best version of yourself - you have to stretch yourself. I think it’s called personal growth and boy am I growing!

Merry Christmas and thank you for helping me grow my book into a rather lovely and helpful piece of work.


No better position than right by the front door  @Waterstonessw11

No better position than right by the front door @Waterstonessw11

Love Michelle  @Claphambooks

Love Michelle @Claphambooks

She’s 96 and loving it  @GrownUnder

She’s 96 and loving it @GrownUnder