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I’ve never thought, I can’t do this

Tessa 72 twice divorced, mum of four, retired set designer from London. 

How are you?

I have loved every stage of my life, I’ve loved my children and my work. Having a grandchild has been the icing on the cake. I was incredibly lucky to be around in London in the 60s. I am a liberated spirit, I come from a very loving family and had a very happy childhood. I have a strong nurturing quality, I'm a double Pisces!

What's your view of marriage? 

I have been married twice, 2 children from my first marriage which ended in divorce but the second marriage, I thought I had found the perfect life. Happily married, we couldn’t have kids and after several rounds of very traumatic IVF we adopted two Sri Lankan babies, all was going well, then he left, I was devastated, it took me 7 years to recover. I threw myself into work and started to feel liberated. I never thought “I can’t do this.”

How do you see yourself?

I am the matriarch, I love my family, they are my prime motivation. I love being by myself and my women friends are my support. I love flowers and beautiful things, I play on line scrabble and do Aqua Aerobics. I think some people think I have “Pollyanna Syndrome”  where you look at life through rose coloured glasses, but I feel blessed. I’m in bed by ten every night but that doesn’t mean I’m dull. Last year I travelled to India, got off with the travel guide and had a holiday romance!

Are you free?

I am free as a bird but I don’t think I would be free if I had a husband or an illness, death is coming, I have lost so many to cancer!