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“We can’t conquer water.”

Lizzie 45 from Cambridge. Twice divorced. Two children, works as an Accountant.

How are you?

I’m muddled and confused - it’s not the best time of my life. I don’t want to feel like this much longer.

How do you see yourself?

As a scrumpled up piece of paper lying on the floor - down trodden! I put others first when I shouldn’t.

How do you think other people see you?

Confident and articulate. The person you portray to people isn't necessarily who you are. People take things at face value. 

Who or what inspires you?

I like intelligence, people you can learn from. People who have achieved - especially in sport. The sacrifices they have made. I am full of admiration that they have reached the top of their game. 

I love watching water - it’s inspiring because it’s unknown. We can’t conquer water. Water is fundamental to everything in our existence.

I am inspired by smells. I have a strong sense of smell ever since childhood. Smells bring back many memories. I'm also intrigued by Modern Art - I admire people who can express themselves in that way.

What do you think about life?

Life is very basic, we all have basic needs, we are very primitive it’s just how it’s dressed up. There’s room for improvement, we are destroying the planet intentionally and not leaving it in a good state for the next generation. There’s too much waste. We have been taking things for granted for too long.

What would you like to leave for the next generation?

A sense of worth in all children, a sense that anything is achievable.

Are you free?

Yes I am free, I don’t feel bound by anyone.

What have you thought about doing this today?

It’s been quite self indulgent talking about me.