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I want to be able to make noise!

Catherine 60, divorced and lives with her long term partner and two grown up children. She works full time in IT and spends a lot of her free time running the local Kayaking club.

How are you?

I’m doing a course in nutrition and I love it. I love learning, why should you stop learning just because you're 60?

How do you feel about the weather?

I love all weather. I like BIG weather; thunder, lightening, crashing great waves and the pouring rain. 

How do you feel about kids?

They're a pain and a drain and you never get it right. You always make mistakes but I’m very pleased I had them. I don’t think anyone should deprive themselves of being a mother.

What do you think about marriage?

I think you only have to do it once in your life!

What’s you most memorable experience?

When I was little I remember walking into the village with my Mum, I was carrying my teddy. She didn't want me to take him and she said “If you get tired of carrying that teddy, I’m not carrying it,” I did get tired -  she threw him in the ditch.

What brings you down?

Children with bad manners and their parents who don’t care enough to think of the societal impact. People who throw rubbish out of the car window, not caring enough to look after the environment and people who expect too much.

What are your dreams?

There are pre-conceived ideas about how you ought to behave. I’m a little eccentric inside and would love to let a bit more of me out. I want to be able to make noise. Not in a harmful way, but to play music loud; I want jazz, and classical music blaring out, I want pigs and goats and lots of chickens and animals, and a tree house all for me.

Where does all your energy go?

Sorting out other peoples problems.

How do you see yourself?

I am a giver, it can be quite damaging. It’s not very healthy to give too much. I need to take every now and then.

What do you like about yourself?

I love the colour of my eyes and I’m lucky not to be so wrinkled at 60. I can still walk up mountains and do 20 miles walks. I like my get up and go. I like being fit and being outside. I like doing things. Oh, and I like my bum!

How do you best express yourself?

I express myself by being creative. I do a lot of arts and crafts. I love my garden and I always try to do something different.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who have better knowledge than me. My paternal Grandmother inspired me. She was a homemaker; her house was always clean and smelt nice. She used to knit, sew and bake. I liked being around her. 

I love ‘Adagio in Strings’ by Samuel Barber, it’s horrible and dark but I really like it. 

What do you think about life?

It’s a strange thing, I’m not sure why we are here. Why do we have the power and brain capacity to do stuff? Human beings are quite strange really. I’d like to think there is a reason we’re here. I believe we will become extinct and I hope it happens before the world destroys itself. The day the last man dies then God will die too. God is in your head. I think it’s very sad people sit around all day and watch telly. I want to encourage people to do stuff.

What would you like to leave for the next generation?

I’ve always wanted to design a building and to leave a fabulous piece of Architecture would be good. I hope someone stops London from becoming New York; so many beautiful buildings in London are being replaced by glass. I’d like to leave the love of nature too. 

What do you think about death?

Everyone dealing with death always appear brave so it doesn't actually prepare you. I’ve known people who just to carry on after a bereavement and I don’t know how they manage it. I can see how it helps to believe in God. As you get older you probably want to hedge your bets a bit!

What’s your view on faith?

I’d like to think there is somewhere you go. Everyone is incredible, I can’t believe there isn't something that carries on;  whether it’s a energy that retains in the atmosphere or something - I want there to be something. 

Are you free?

No, absolutely not!

What have you taken from today?

I should like to do it again, then I can go back and and revisit the questions to see if I get different answers.