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They're truly inspirational by doing the “normal stuff.”

Sally 47 divorced with two children. Re married, lives and works in London as a make up artist.

How are you?

I’m in a good place. I am at a time in my life where I am grateful and appreciate my life after a long period of stresses and struggles. I'm actually in love with my Husband and gratitude is huge in my life at the moment. I used to find it difficult to let go of things, having to drag them out to the bitter end, it’s not like that anymore.

What brings you down?

Hormones. If I feel a heavy mood coming on I can look to other things to try and make some sense of it, but often it’s just hormones - that's all. I can see this now but it has taken time to work it all out. 

Who or what inspires you?

People who don’t do anything that you’d recognise as out of the ordinary but they're truly inspirational by doing the 'normal stuff'. I am in awe of how capable people are. 

What do yo think about kids?

I’m glad I had them but I don’t think they are for everyone. I don’t think there should be pressure to have children, they're hard work, expensive and open you up to a huge amount of love and pain. Love for your kids is unconditional.

How do you feel about body image?

It depends on the day and which mirror I am looking at. All you see is how you think you look. I let ageing bother me too much. If I look at myself for too long I get down hearted but for the majority of the time I feel good about myself. 

What do you think about life?

Life is a massive lottery, I think it can be amazing and incredibly unfair, strive to be happy in your life -  it’s not a God given right.