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My life has gone on hold to do the children

Amelia 47 from London. Married with two girls. Works part time as a charity admin officer

How are you?

I’d like my life to be more predictable and settled so I can make choices I want to rather than choices I have to. We seem to go from one disaster to the next. When everything's going right I couldn't be happier and then when all seems ok something else goes wrong. I suppose it livens things up a bit. Small crises punctuate life but doesn't prolong the agony.

How do you see yourself?

Outwardly scary and strong but inwardly fragile. I’m intolerant but a half full person. I can be flaky and a bit of a wimp at times and I'm very controlling.

How do you feel about children?

There’s nothing like a little hand in yours.

I’m not sure people are bringing their children up properly anymore. I think the whole point of the human race is to bring up the next generation but I think there are too many people putting themselves first - it’s no wonder we’re having a banking crisis. 

My life has gone on hold to do the children. I am interested in everything my kids have done. When they were little I would sit and play with them, it was fun doing stuff with them. I am a great believer in children making their own decisions  - they have to be able to grow up and learn and realise there is always a consequence to everything we do. 

Who or what inspires you?

People who give up their lives for contemplation inspire me. When I was younger we would sit in peace and quiet at the end of the day and reflect. I loved it.

What do you think about life?

I’d like to think there is something to it. There’s got to be a point otherwise it's pointless. I hope I’m learning lessons so the next time I come back I can be nicer. We are only here for a short time - it’s what you do with the cards you're dealt. I would like to learn tolerance before I die.