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I love shoes, they are art forms. I have about 130 pairs

Laura 46 married, lives in London. Full time mum of two.

How are you?

I am enjoying that I can at last get out of bed. I've had terrible back pain for the last 12 months. It’s been hard to live in the moment. I've felt so much restriction. My body has let me down. But there’s a sense of relief too. I have learnt to make decisions based on my restrictions and it’s made me feel much more positive. Accepting it has made me stronger.

What’s your most memorable experience?

The complete relief when my second child was born. 'It’s a boy'. It was a weird feeling - like being in a bubble. I knew I was finished, two was enough.

How do you think other people see you?

I’m not really good at being 100% myself in other peoples company. If people saw me for who I am, I think they might not like me and judge me. 

How do you feel about the weather?

I love the sunshine. The rain makes me down. I’m not good in the wind. I don’t mind a breeze but a strong wind makes me angry. My Husband gets very cross when I go on about the wind. In fact we were on holiday a few years ago and a strong wind was building; I went off on one, I can’t help it. Then he turned round and said 'Will you shut the fuck up about the weather.' That told me!

Do you have an opinion on shoes?

I love shoes, they are art forms. I have about 130 pairs. These are my top end ones they get the special treatment. (She shows me a photo of all her shoes beautifully stacked floor to ceiling on purpose built shelves)

Who or what inspires you?

My in- laws inspire me. They never think of themselves first. They are happy sociable people. They're uncomplicated.

What have you taken from today?

I’m a bit dull at the moment. I’ve been plodding along and it’s not alright!