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I love it, it’s all about love and trust.

Emma 48 married with two children, born and bred Surrey girl. 

How are you ?

I’m good. I’m alright with being a mum at home now. I worked 'til I was 38 and had my kids late. I’d done enough, I didn't want to work anymore. I feel guilty about it though.

How do you feel about the weather?

Rain, rain, fucking rain! Grey dullness - I hate it. It does change the way I feel. 

How do you feel about marriage?

I love it, it’s all about love and trust.

How do you feel about kids?

I love them. Laughter, fun and craziness, although they're fucking annoying and hard work - two’s enough! 

What’s your most memorable experience?

I was in a really relaxed good place. I’d bought my own home and had some really great mates. I’d had Christmas at home AGAIN with my parents. I was 35. Then four months later I met Steve, he was and is my soul mate. I was so happy. I’m a great believer in fate, if you really really want something and you don't get it, you're not meant have it. 

How do other people see you?

I want to say a nice girl as I don’t want to upset or offend anyone. I’m Libran, we like balance. I am very empathetic. 

What brings you down?

Occasionally I feel I should be doing something but I don’t have any desire at the moment. I fell into my job all those years ago, my mother told me to learn to type and become a secretary. I had no other passion to do anything. My Mum made me doubt myself the whole time. I loved her and we got on great but I felt I could never do right. I was the oldest and felt she always took sides. Sometimes I feel insecure and unconfident and I think it comes from my Mums influence. I didn't go to Uni, I can’t help the kids with their homework but I did managed to get a distinction in typing!

Who or what inspires you?

I like taking photographs of people and flowers. One day I was cleaning my kitchen, suddenly I looked up at the Orchids, they caught my eye. I thought they looked beautiful so I took a picture, I then framed it. I started making cards.

What gets you up in the morning?

My alarm! I’m still tired and my body hurts.

Where does all your energy go?

Worrying, I worry about anything and everything. 

How do you best express yourself?

I’m very organised! I’m not anal but I tidy as I go along. I’m overly organised - OCD perhaps? I don’t consider myself to be a run of the mill mum. I have an eye for a certain look and I express myself through what I wear. I gesticulate and I love singing out loud in the car. 

How do you feel about chocolate?

I love it, Green and Blacks butterscotch I have a piece everyday. I love curly wurlys although they're not as big as they used to be and they're certainly more expensive. I love the fun size Mars Bars too, but you can’t just have one, I have to have at least two and they have to be cold. But then that wouldn't be enough so I’d have another and another! The funny thing is I can’t do chocolate ice cream or chocolate drinks or even chocolate dusting on coffee - yuk! 

What do you think about life?

I live in my own bubble, it’s not a bad bubble and I’m happy in my bubble. I’m kind to people and I look after my own, not that you shouldn't look after anybody else. As long as you can be happy and comfortable and not causing harm to anyone or anything.  

How do you feel about death?

I don’t want my Dad to die. I don’t feel that about my Mum, I think my Dad will go first. If Steve went I don’t think I could live.

What would you like to leave for the next generation?

Happiness, contentment, and not worrying. Follow you dreams, go places, see places, try stuff.

Are you free?

I consider myself to be very lucky. I am freer than an awful lot of people. 

What have you taken from today?

To be a bit more adventurous, to go and do stuff, more travelling and photography. I need to lighten up on my daughter, I think I’m probably harder on her than I realise.



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